Jewellers Coworking

A collaborative community-led space in Wangaratta, VIC for startups, entrepreneurs, and any work-from-home business wanting to get stuff done.

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Our coworking space is made to welcome people who work from home, entrepreneurs, and startups. If you need to get out of the house, then Jewellers is a place to get stuff done – with a bit of fun thrown in as well.

Currently there’s space for 9 people – 6 of these dedicated to casual hot desks to keep the vibe ‘fresh’.

So if you want to work amongst a like-minded community and meet new friends with cool skills, then come try out a hot desk with the following benefits:

  • Flexible terms – casual or committed
  • Central CBD location
  • Generous desk space with chair and monitor
  • Unlimited 95/35Mbps Fibre – Ethernet and Wireless
  • Multipurpose room for calls, meetings, prototyping, and workshops
  • Produce pantry, fridge, sandwich press, microwave
  • Green electricity
  • Chill out area with games, lounge, and library
  • Coffee, tea and cold beverages for gold coin donation
  • Inkjet printer & scanner
  • Multipurpose server
  • Tech equipment and 3D printer for projects such as Arduino etc.



First time? Pay what you want!


  • Wireless/Wired connection
  • Desk space and office chair
  • Spare monitor
  • Food & Drink for gold coin donation
  • 9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri access

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Best space in town!


  • Wireless/Wired connection
  • Desk space and office chair or BYO
  • Spare monitor or BYO
  • Food & Drink for gold coin donation
  • 24 Hour access
  • Dev server space with offsite backup

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Jewellers is committed to sustainable work practices. We now have 2.4kW of solar PV installed, making us a net producer of energy! Check out the real-time stats below. When the sun isn’t shining, we source energy from 100% certified Greenpower. Lights are LED and heating is natural gas. We even have a compost bin! On top of this we donate 2% of our income to environmental causes.

Currently generating 780W of clean energy!
Lifetime Fossil fuel-free energy generated1,075.4kWh
Produced Today4517Wh
Used Today3090Wh
Today's Net Energy1427Wh
Last updated:Friday 17th August 2018 13:04


Got a question about permanent desk space availability? Want to apply for a first-time trial? Drop us a line using the form below…