About Jewellers Coworking

Established in 2017, Jewellers Coworking is a cool, collaborative office space in Wangaratta – the heart of Victoria’s North-East region. We’re a bunch of tech-heads, startups, entrepreneurs, sole traders, and work-from-home gurus – looking for a break from their usual grind.

We’re from all walks of life, but we have one thing in common.
Community spirit.

While we like to get our shit done, we’re a friendly bunch who love embracing the many awesome coffee, lunch and drinking spots in the area. And we regularly host in-house events which offer the chance for our members to learn, contribute, and grow their business with the help of others.

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Our trendy office space has all the perks you need – fast internet, spacious desks, fully-equipped meeting rooms, a kitchen, a strikingly rad décor – the essentials of the modern solopreneur. Combined with a casual vibe, great people, and a chance to collaborate with other like-minded creatives, we think you’ll love working at Jewellers.

Meet Our Co-Hosts

Rohan Latimer – Web Dev Magician

Meet the man with ‘the dream’. After moving between agencies in Melbourne for over 7 years – becoming fed up with the industry and with a burning desire to cut out the crap from life – Rohan decided to make a seachange and move to the country in 2014.

After a few summers in Wang – working out of his winery shed in 45 degree heat – he figured it wasn’t a viable option. So when a local CBD office space became available in 2016 at an old jewellers shop, he jumped on the opportunity.

Armed with a dream to create a place he wanted to work in, with people he wanted to work with, Jewellers Coworking was born.

Nate Peyton – Graphic Design Wiz

Nate is a freelance illustrator and designer with over a decade of experience. He ‘hearts’ coworking – joining spaces in Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, and now, Wangaratta. Jewellers is a natural fit for him, since it’s a space that combines collaboration and sustainable business practices.

Having worked with Rohan for 7 years prior on tons of different projects, Nate’s union with Jewellers in October 2017 was inevitable. He’s looking forwards to the journey that ‘Captain’ Ro has planned for the space…


Jason Townsend – Copywriter & Content Marketing Guru

After leaving his mechanical engineering career and the corporate office grind in 2014, Jason built a freelance business in Content Marketing and found Jewellers after moving to Wangaratta in September 2017.

He became a weekly regular, seeing coworking as a way to put some ‘spice’ into his secluded work-from-home life. He then joined as a Jewellers “Co-Host” in 2018 helping us to rock the coworking scene in the North-East region.