Jewellers Coworking was set up in early 2017 with a long term goal in mind: To provide a central hub for everything tech in North East Victoria. With Wangaratta already a hub town, this seems like a natural fit. So here’s some achievements from the past and plans for the future.

Where we’re at

  • Held first meetup in December 2016
  • Opened the Coworking space January 2017
  • March 2017 Added online booking system
  • May 2017 Started regular meetups
  • Currently averaging 20% occupancy

and where we’re going

  • Setup and run community workshops on topics such as security, privacy, digital business.
  • Setup and run commercial workshops and courses on topics like coding, design, electronics.
  • Enable 24 hour access.
  • Plan a tech related conference/hackathon for the North East.
  • Aiming for average of 65% occupancy by the end of 2018.
  • Possible expansion if all goes to plan 🙂

Help out

Jewellers is currently run by one crazy tree changer going by the name of Rohan. I also run High Country Web, a small business and community focused web and tech studio. If you’d like to become part of Jewellers in any shape or form, I would love your assistance. Currently it would be in a volunteer role but happy to discuss perks. Have I mentioned how much I love to barter?